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When we started 4colorheroes we had no idea how big this site would become. It has now come to the point of us having no more room where we are presently hosted. So we are moving to a more spacious home, and want to make sure you have our new address:

So make sure to update your bookmarks, and I hope to see you all there.




Written by Steve Aylett; art by Shawn McManus; cover by Chris Sprouse.
A surreal journey of self-discovery brought to you by British science fiction author Steve Aylett (Karloff’s Circus) and fan-favorite artist Shawn McManus (THE SANDMAN PRESENTS: THESSALY, WITCH FOR HIRE). Several mysterious deaths, coupled by an unannounced visit from an enigmatic stranger, prompt Tom Strong to investigate a woman with odd powers that shift realities.
June 9 32 pages $2.95

Written by Alan Moore, art and cover by J.H. Williams III & Mick Gray.
Everything must go as the landmark series nears its conclusion! As the apocalypse continues to extend its reach from Sophie’s mom’s apartment to encompass the city and the world, various persons converge on their home to put a stop to it — including America’s Best, and perhaps more significantly, the last Painted Doll.
May 26 32 pages $2.95

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Written by Alan Moore and Peter Hogan; art and cover by Yanick Paquette and Karl Story
Collecting the critically acclaimed 6-issue miniseries! How would you adjust to the world if you’d been frozen for 30 years? That’s the problem the heroes of Terra Obscura have faced. But now a threat unlike anything they’ve seen before is spreading across the United States — a mysterious plague spreading like a cancer, making all technology useless and reverting mankind back to the Stone Age. Where are the heroes when their world needs them the most?
May 12 160 pages $14.95

Written by Mark Schultz; art by Pascual Ferry; cover by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story
Buckle up for a high-flying tale that takes Tom and his companions from the back streets of Millennium City to the top of the world! Aircraft across the world are mysteriously grounded as all engine-driven flight is rendered impossible. Now, after discovering a secret from his past, Tom Strong must solve this mystery — or mankind will forever be banned from the skies!
April 14 32 pages $2.95

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Written by Alan Moore and Steve Moore; art by Peter Kuper, Arthur Adams, Bruce Timm, and Alan Weiss; cover by Adams
Peter Kuper, maestro of graphic impressionism, collaborates with the legendary Alan Moore for an urban jungle tale of Tom Strong! Plus, in Part 2 of “Jonni Future,” Arthur Adams and Bruce Timm once again provide the delightful delineatio's of our delectable heroine, while Alan Weiss brings young Tom Strong ever closer to maturity in a third captivating tale!
April 21 32 pages $2.95

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SMAX #5 (of 5)
Written by Alan Moore; art by Zander Cannon and Andrew Currie; cover by Cannon. The final battle with the fierce dragon Morningbright! Jeff Smax and his fellow Neopolis police officer Toybox are engaged in an epic struggle when Death comes a-calling. But whom will the dark harbinger choose, Smax or Morningbright? Can Robyn redeem herself, even without her toys? And what will become of Jeff's sister? March 24 32 pages $2.95

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